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WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization, Sixty-Third Report

This report presents the recommendations of a WHO Expert Committee commissioned to coordinate activities leading to the adoption of international recommendations for the production and control of vaccines and other biologicals, and the establishment of international biological reference materials.

World Malaria Report

This edition of the World Malaria Report summarizes the current status of malaria control worldwide. It reviews progress towards internationally agreed goals and targets, and describes trends in funding, intervention coverage and malaria cases and deaths. In 2013, there are 97 countries and territories with ongoing malaria transmission, and 6 countries in the prevention of reintroduction phase, making a total of 103 countries and territories in which malaria is presently considered endemic. Globally, an estimated 3.4 billion people are at risk of malaria. WHO estimates that 207 million cases of malaria occurred globally in 2012 (uncertainty range 135-287 million) and 627,000 deaths (uncertainty range 473,000-789,000). Most cases (80%) and deaths (90%) occurred in Africa, and most deaths (77%) were in children under 5 years of age.

International Travel and Health

This book explains how travellers can stay healthy and provides WHO guidance on vaccinations, malaria chemoprophylaxis and treatment, personal protection against insects and other disease vectors, and safety in different environmental settings. It covers all the principal risks to travellers' health, both during their journeys and at their destinations. It describes all relevant infectious diseases, including their causative agents, modes of transmission, clinical features and geographical distribution, and provides details of prophylactic and preventive measures.

World Cancer Report

World Cancer Report provides a professional, multidisciplinary assessment of all aspects of the geographical distribution, biology, etiology, prevention, and control of cancer, predicated on research. The concise nature of the text and the high graphic content (hundreds of color maps, diagrams, and photographs) make the publication accessible to a broad readership. World Cancer Report is designed to provide non-specialist health professionals and policy-makers with a balanced understanding of cancer control and to provide established cancer professionals with insights about recent development.

World Health Report
The World Health Report is WHO's leading publication. Each year the report combines an expert assessment of global health, including statistics relating to all countries, with a focus on a specific subject. The main purpose of the report is to provide countries, donor agencies, international organizations and others with the information they need to help them make policy and funding decisions. This report argues that universal health coverage - with full access to high-quality services for prevention, treatment and financial risk protection - cannot be achieved without the evidence provided by scientific research.
World Health Statistics

The World Health Statistics series is WHO's annual compilation of health-related data for its 194 Member States, and includes a summary of the progress made towards achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and associated targets. This year, it also includes highlight summaries on the topics of reducing the gaps between the world’s most-advantaged and least-advantaged countries, and on current trends in official development assistance (ODA) for health.

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