State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture   
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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)   
FAO’s State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture presents a world review of fisheries and aquaculture including trends and statistics. This year’s publication presents trends in fish production, consumption and trade, as well FAO’s “Blue Growth” initiative, which represents a coherent framework for the sustainable integrated and socio-economically sensitive management of oceans and wetlands. Other themes highlighted include the role of aquaculture in improving nutrition, the importance of reducing post-harvest losses in small-scale fisheries and challenges and opportunities for utilization of fisheries by-products.

 Publish Date: 7/16/2016  Collation: 200p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9789251091852  Price: $75.00
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 Publish Date: 11/18/2014  Collation: 223p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9789251082751  Price: $75.00
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 Publish Date: 7/16/2012  Collation: 226p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9789251072257  Price: $65.00
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 Publish Date: 2/3/2011  Collation: 214p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9789251066751  Price: $55.00
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 Publish Date: 3/2/2009  Collation: 190p. Binding: Paperback w/ CD-ROM
 ISBN: 9789251060292  Price: $55.00
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2006 (+ CD-ROM)
 Publish Date: 5/30/2007  Collation: 176p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9789251055687  Price: $45.00
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 Publish Date: 2/11/2005  Collation: 3p. Binding: Paperback w/ CD-ROM
 ISBN: 9789251051771  Price: $45.00
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2002 (+CD-ROM)
 Publish Date: 2/24/2003  Collation: 168p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9789251048429  Price: $40.00
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 Publish Date: 2/1/2001 Binding: N/A
 ISBN: 9789251044926  Price: $30.00
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 Publish Date: 2/1/1999 Binding: N/A
 ISBN: 9789251041871  Price: $33.00
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 Publish Date: 5/1/1997 Binding: N/A
 ISBN: 9789251039410  Price: $23.00
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